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Boating never stops in Liguria.

Everything you need to know about pleasure boating, with a focus on Liguria, obviously. In Liguria, boating is an important industry, thanks to the area’s shipbuilding and boating tradition. It is still  a leading industry today, both in terms of economy and employment. In this section, in addition to sharing all the local boating-related events (there is more than the Genoa Boat Show), we talk about sail and motor yachts, with particular attention paid to mega yachts, which are often photographed by our staff in Portofino, a tourist destination for a number of VIPs from around the world. In this section we will also discuss boating organisations: Ucina and Nautica italiana are organisations working for the industry in close contact with governments institutions. Boating is also legislation, the navigation code and all other bureaucratic aspects.


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